This webpage was created within the project

“Protection, Conservation and Restoration

of the Great Theater of Nicopolis (Phase II)”

co-funded by the European Regional Developement Fund and Greek National Funding

(Framework of the European Programme Epirus 2014-2020)


Coordination: Anthi Aggeli, Director, Ephorate of Antiquities of Preveza

  Project supervision: Evangelos Pavlidis, Stavroula Oikonomou

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  Texts: Anthi Aggeli, Konstantinos Zachos, Maria Karamba, Fransiska Kefallonitou, Leonidas Leondaris, Barbara Papadopoulou, Evangelos Pavlidis, Georgios Riginos,Ioulia Stamou, Eugenia Chalkia

Virtual reconstructions: Fotis Tsakmakis

Photos and drawings:

Ephorate of Antiquites of Preveza archive

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